Keller Interfaith Alliance

The Keller Interfaith Alliance is a project of the Keller Humanists. It seeks to celebrate religious freedom by championing individual rights, and promote policies that protect both religion and democracy, by uniting diverse voices from all faith-based and philosophical traditions.

  • We believe that religious freedom is a foundation for American democracy.
  • We believe that individual rights and matters of personal conscience must be held sacred.
  • We believe that government should not privilege any religious position at the expense of another.
  • We believe that celebrating religious and cultural difference is the way to achieve a vibrant and tolerant community.

What We Do

We work together on various projects and initiatives in the grassroots here in Keller, facilitate interfaith dialogue between all faith traditions, cultures, and philosophies, and help religious leaders and politicians navigate the boundary between politics and religion in a way that safeguards the separation of church and state.